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Friday 14 April 2023

Photographer Fran Groves joins us as a guest artist for April...

 We're delighted to have local Photographer Fran on board for the month. here's a little bit more about Fran and what inspires her beautiful work....

I am a photographer. I love exploring textures and colours in every environment sometimes creating landscapes and sometimes focussing on a small detail to enlarge. Since retiring to Dorset I have teamed up with my college friend Hilly who is a ceramicist and also moved to Dorset. We formed Rich Earth Studio in 2018 and have been encouraging each other to exhibit and meet with other artists in Dorset.

In this guest exhibition I present a range of my work looking at structure and shadows alongside the beautiful colours of Pheasant feathers. During the winter months I find I am drawn to objects that I find and putting them together to create something different according to the light and their proximity. The pheasant feathers were taken last year and I had no idea so many patterns existed on any one pheasant.

I exhibit mainly in Weymouth and Portland and am currently exhibiting in the Home exhibition curated by Artwey, a group of local artists.


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