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Friday 7 April 2023

Spring in to April with our new Guest Artists!

 We welcome two new guest artists for April and it's great to have them here! Let us introduce you...

Thea Hodgson

I call myself a watercolour painter but add some acrylic quite often.My favourite subjects are flowers, on their own or in landscapes and still life.Our surrounding area gives me plenty of inspiration for my paintings.


Unique and collectable artwork, gold & silver plated crystal necklaces and ceramics by XEET. A multi medium artist who originated as a collage graffiti artist based in London, now a local in Dorset. A viewpoint that has been shaped by an established career in the fashion industry working for designer brands. XEET images have an undertone of generating a hyper sexualised snapshot of society’s obsession with objectification. XEET has street art on the walls globally including London to Los Angeles & Australia.

Gold and silver plated necklaces with crystal charms. Ceramic pinch pots and ceramic necklaces are all part of XEET’s creative collection selling at the Purbeck Artisan Yard. With a new collection of cyanotype nature inspired artwork to buy.


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