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Apply to become an Artisan at the Yard

The Purbeck Artisan Yard is looking for more creative folk to join the team!  We have a varied range here and always on the look out for something that bit different to add. If you are Dorset based and think you have something that would fit and want to be involved in the Artisan Yard please fill in your details in the form below. 

A bit more about the yard....

The yard was set up in 2016 by James and Becky Warren (Owners of the Salt Pig in Wareham and Swanage) the building was originally a builders yard but when it became empty Becky and James decided to turn it into a retail space to give local artisans the opportunity to display and sell their work. 

The yard is run as a cooperative so anyone who comes on board will have a part to play. As well as the monthly rent for space each bay does a day on the rota. With 12 bays in total this will mean a bay has to commit to do a shift one in 12 days, so works out on average 2 to 3 days a month. In some cases bays are shared between up to 3 individuals to spread the cost and time commitment. (A whole bay is approximately £140-£145 a month) 

The yard isn’t just about offering a space to sell but also being part of a community of fellow artisans, we all work together to make it work and want like minded people to join in and bring their own unique skills. Another huge plus for the yard is the Workshop space, there is a huge table downstairs that is used for various workshops, classes etc and can also be used by our resident artisans. We also organise various events throughout the year, including charity coffee mornings, Christmas Markets, late night shopping, temporary exhibitions etc and always looking for new ways to promote the yard, get involved in the local community and charities and give local artists the opportunities to be involved. 

If you have any further questions about becoming an Artisan at the Yard please contact Jo on


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