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About us

Before the Artisans took over!
The Purbeck Artisan Yard in Wareham Town Centre - where wonderful local Artists, Upcyclers, Creators, and Makers sell their pieces all year round. We're open 7 days a week 10-5 in the Summer months, 10-4 in the Winter 

The Yard has had many uses over the years from being a Firestation in the Second World War to a Builders Yard more recently, the building certainly has a lot of character which is perfect for the new residents!

The idea came from James Warren and his wife Becky. James owns the Salt Pig in Wareham which is an Urban Farm Shop and CafĂ© selling locally sourced produce including meat, fish, veg, cheese, bread, real ales, the list is endless! James and Becky have a real passion for supporting local businesses and so creating the Artisan Yard was a perfect opportunity to do this.

After a bit of a clear out the yard was ready, James & Becky got in touch with local artists, crafters, producers and upcyclers to join the team. There are now 12 bays at the yard each one filled with their work. There is a real variety at the yard something which is very important to James & Becky and they all compliment one another. All the artists and makers take in turn to run the shop so we are open 7 days a week and each time you come in you get to meet one of the makers.

There is also a huge area downstairs for workshops, James was very creative with Scaffold Boards and Pallets to make a huge table so that all the artists and makers could run workshops or use it to work on themselves, we now have a great variety of activity going on from knitting to lampshade making and drawing classes. 

The yard has now been open since April 2016 and is going from strength to strength with new artists and makers joining the team and new events planned for the year. There's always something new to see so pop in and have a look round, meet some of the makers and enjoy what Dorset has to offer! 

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