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Thursday 5 March 2020

Lytchett Bay Soaps are in the yard this March!

One of our latest guest artisans at the yard is the lovely Liz from Lytchett Bay Soaps....

"Hi I’m Liz and I am Lytchett Bay Soaps! 

I make soap bars using organic ingredients. All of my soaps apart from one are vegan, I don’t use Palm Oil and I don’t use fragrances. All my soaps benefit from high quality essential oils. Colours are plant based and completely natural too. 

I also make shampoo bars. They have no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in them, which can irritate your skin and have a drying effect on your hair. I am always really careful with the ingredients that I use and try to keep ingredients to a minimum so that there is less confusion and less chance of allergic reaction. 

I am also venturing out into balms, lotions and serums…watch this space! 

My soy wax melts also replicate my soap scents and create wonderful home fragrances and an ideal gift. 

I started out on this journey after I started to try and cut down on the amount of chemicals we used at home for cleaning products, this turned into cutting out ‘nasties’ in our hygiene and beauty products, a desire to cut down on ‘waste’ and plastic and the realisation that I could actually make my own soap that required no plastic packaging at all! Now, even my ‘bags’ are compostable and any other packaging is recyclable too. All my ingredients are ‘ocean friendly’."


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