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Tuesday 1 May 2018


We have a fabulous new Guest Artist adorning the walls at the Artisan Yard..... The talented Anna from Henry's Buttons..... here's a bit more about Anna....

"I’m a textile artist who gathers inspiration from the traditional craft of Dorset Buttons. My work is based on this thread button and I used the original techniques to work me buttons but with a new contemporary slant. I use ethically sourced and vintage yarns and textiles.  All my work is worked on a ring and includes wall art using fabric, ribbons, lace and yarn to small fabric jewellery and accessories. Each piece inspired by the local Dorset Button. I currently exhibit in the Cygnet Gallery, Shaftesbury."

So make sure to pop in to view these unique and unusual, stunning pieces of art and check out Annas website for more info - Dorset Buttons


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