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Sunday 4 March 2018

New Talent at the Yard!!

We're extremely lucky to have two new Dorset Artists join us at the yard on a permanent basis, now all set up and looking fabulous, here's a bit more about our new residents...

Abi H-Parker Art - Original Artwork inspired by Nature

"Based in Ringwood with my Fiance and our daughter, I feel very lucky to be near to the coast, right next to the New Forest and surrounded by abundant wildlife and nature. I look at my surroundings and there isn't a day that goes by without something catching my eye for being naturally beautiful, extraordinarily vivid or meticulously detailed. I love recreating its affect on me through my artwork on canvas and paper using media, from acrylics & Indian ink or pen & water colour.

I have wanted to be an 'artist' since I was very small, I created 'things' from the garden, collected artefacts buried in the ground and looked for birds nests just to see inside. I have always enjoyed painting, drawing 'doodling' yet it is only now at 33 years young I have the confidence to put my artwork into the public eye. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoyed creating it."

Jessamy Keily - Jinks Art

"Jessamy K has just arrived in Dorset, having lived all around the world, and nothing makes her happier than when someone comes to her with a crazy idea for a commission... "I've created fairytales, invented family crests, cartooned a family car and created all sort of logos!"

Any ideas for commissions are most welcome, just email with your idea.

Jessamy started as Inklings by JK in 2011, selling a few pictures and greeting cards at markets in Sydney as a hobby. She soon realised how much she enjoyed drawing and began to develop a distinctive style. "When I was given a pot of beautiful jet black ink and a traditional dip pen, I knew I had found my signature style and the ideal medium with which to make the Inklings by JK: which was later shortened and squished down to create.. JinKs!"

Ideas come from all sorts of places, often nature is a point of inspiration, particularly the patterns found in nature such as the a shoal of fish, the veins in a leaf or ice crystals. When sitting down to work, Jessamy usually has 'a terrible TV show, a good audiobook or a great record playing', and has to remember to do yoga to avoid artist cramp!"


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