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Tuesday 31 October 2017

Purbeck Footprints

We were extremely lucky to have local Photographer, wildlife enthusiast, local expert and all round lovely guy Julian Sawyer as a temporary exhibitor at the yard.

"The Isle of Purbeck is a beautiful place and, in my opinion, does not need computer trickery to enhance that beauty,
What you see in the photographs is what I saw at the time, that is very important to me.
I also give talks about my photographs and the Isle of Purbeck and lead walks around the area. Feild trips to discuss wildlife photography can also be arranged.
Please visit for more information and a selection of cards, calendars and prints that are available to buy online."

If you missed Julian's wonderful exhibition you can see his work at the Old Stables in Swanage or pop on to his website to found out more about his talks, prints and more.


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