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Wednesday 6 September 2017

We've gone potty for our new Potter!

We are so lucky to be joined by the highly talented Jo Burnell, although from what we've seen so far our residents are buying all Jo's amazing work before anyone else can get a look in!

Jo creates individual hand thrown earthenware pottery decorated with lively colourful designs inspired by nature and the Dorset Countryside. Jo has joined forces with the equally talented Gillian McCormick glass artist (we'll be sharing more info about Gillian's work soon, so watch this space!) and their work can be seen upstairs in the yard.

Be sure to pop in and check out the incredible new talent at the yard. We have now been open over a year and feel so privileged to have such a fantastic selection of some of the finest creators in Dorset, we really have become a hub of creativity celebrating all that is great about this County.

Don't forget we're open 7 days a week 10-5 so hope to see you soon!


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