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Thursday 16 February 2017

PAW Sketching day at the Etches Collection

We're very luck in Purbeck, there's such a variety of artistic talent and we've got some of them right here at the Yard!! So why are there so many artists in Purbeck? Well obviously there's unlimited inspiration for the beautiful surroundings but there's also some great opportunities for artists of all types. Purbeck Art Weeks is one of them, it's not just a two week exhibition but also a real platform for artists to showcase their work, network with other creative people and share their wonderful talents.

We've been so lucky to have the Etches Collection come to Kimmeridge, a real interactive showcase of over 2000 fossils from right here in Purbeck, they've been working closely with Purbeck Art Weeks and the talented Helen Biles has taken up residency there. They're now working together to offer a fantastic Sketching Day working directly from the fossils using a range of mediums. The sketching day is being held on 28th February and you can find out more by contacting Helen on -


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