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Friday 17 February 2017

Drink & Draw

One of our talented artists Mark Page has been holding regular sketching classes since we opened our doors last year, they have proved popular and we're not sure if that's because of the drawing or the drinking that's involved!! 

Mark's a professional Artist and Designer, having run an advertsing agency and design studio for over 30years.
In that time one of his preferred passions has been to draw and sketch and he's now devoting his time to this.
At the Yard you'll find his sketches and drawings, as well as limited edition prints and cards. Over the years Marks had work displayed in many locations and several countries, including being a pencil portrait artist for Harrods in London, so we're very lucky to have his work here at the yard!

His classes usually have around 8-10 people attend, with paper and materials supplied all you need to bring is a bottle or two (trust us the drawing looks better after a couple!!) The subject changes from week to week and Mark will introduce different techniques to help with your sketching skills. You can find out more about the classes and how to book on our events page


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