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Monday 29 August 2022

New Guest Artists arrive at the Yard....

Martine Mercy

I was born in a suburb of Paris in the spring of 1953 and at nineteen, I moved to England to study chiropractic at the Anglo European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth.

After graduating from the college as a chiropractor (Dr Martine Dirlik) in 1976, I ran a busy practice from my own surgery in Christchurch until 2001.

As I always took a keen interest in Homoeopathy, I decided to study whilst running my chiropractic surgery and I graduated from the Regent’s Park Homoeopathic College in London and practised Homoeopathy for 27 years since 1993 until end 2020. During this time I presented at many professional seminars and workshops in the UK.

Now retired from practising homoeopathy , I prefer to pass on my knowledge to both students and colleagues by writing books on new homoeopathic remedies. I have also developed an interest in art and cinema from the Belle Époque in France. My great grand father Vincent Lorant Heilbronn, born in 1874, was a French artist, painter, decorator, poster artist and film director who worked with Pathé. Looking into family history, I felt his life and his work should be brought to light and I decided to write his biography.

My aim in life is to balance my own love of painting with continued research into new remedies made from fossils. I currently live in Dorset, in Highcliffe on Sea and I am a registered homoeopath with the Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths (ARH).

Cathy Thomson

My job as a Nursing Sister on a busy Cardiac Unit can be stressful and I have found painting very therapeutic, helping me to relax and recover from the pressures of life.  I am inspired by nature and enjoy painting animals, with the occasional landscape for good measure.  Over the years I have enjoyed experimenting with oil, acrylic, pastels, watercolour and ink and wash techniques.  I always try to integrate my personality and sense of humour into my work, my aim being to make people smile and bring a bit of happiness to their day.

Andrew Oldale

I am a retired design and technology teacher and love making useful things out of wood. I find it difficult to walk past a fallen tree or branch without thinking of what it would look like turned into a bowl or made into a platter. I have a similar approach to old furniture- “Now what could I make out of that?”


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