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Thursday 5 May 2022

Dawn Belin Spring into the yard this May!

 Meet our latest guest artist joining us for May.... the super talented Dawn Belin...

"In 2017 I started to paint again after 25 years as a makeup artist working mainly in London and on location.As I picked up my paint brushes I suddenly started seeing again.Discovering colour, acylics and the use of a palette knife. 

My past early paintings in oils were always rather grey and dark which I believe was a reflection of my teenage years within a turbulent relationship. Now 40 years on, I am at peace and happy. I see colour that has eluded me in the past. I see shape, form and texture in my surroundings. My love of the sea and countryside I can now project into my paintings. 

I love to create textures with layers of paint, scratching and spraying . To establish the inner depths or essence of the seascape and landscape. To project light from paint.I studied at Hastings art college, Newbury college,Aldworth art goup, Exhibited at Cornforth studios Newbury, city arts Newbury, Asmoleon Museum.I now reside in Lulworth cove and work in a studio at the top of my garden. I presently started an art club in Lulworth Cove to help others discover the joy of painting


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