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Sunday 14 May 2017

Purbeck Art Weeks in Wareham

The Creative Gallery, Open Studio/venue Wareham
So Purbeck Art Weeks is just around the corner and we are once again going to be a venue for this fantastic festival! If you are heading to Wareham during PAW there are 5 fab venues and open studios within just a short walk from us so make the most of your visit and have a peek around them all!

David Cole - Open Studio, Wareham

We're joined by the Creative Gallery, Not Just Sundaes, Eddie Burrows and David Cole, you can view more about the various venues in Wareham and across Purbeck on their website

We can also announce we are lucky enough to have the very talented Michelle Clements-Davies representing us at the PAW exhibition at Rollington Barn with one of her framed Driftwood Harbour masterpieces! We're extremely proud to have Michelle with us at the yard along with all our fantastic creators, makers and more!

Eddie Burrows, Open Studio, Wareham

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  1. Its all looking good for Wareham's representation in Purbeck Art Weeks. Come and take a look.


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