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Monday 27 March 2017

Easter Eggs with a difference!

One of our resident creators has a very unique and beautiful talent and it all starts with an egg.... or is it a definitely the egg first this time!

Jenny makes exquisite decorative eggs using real Chicken eggs. The first stage of the process involves pricking a tiny hole in the egg to get the actual egg out leaving just the shell, Jenny then decorates the egg using beautiful paper which she cuts and delicately moulds around the shell.

Each one is then varnished and can be finished off with ribbon to hang. The whole process is done by hand with such a high-quality finish, the time Jenny puts into every egg shows, she's quite the perfectionist!

Jenny sells her eggs here at the Yard and they are particularly popular this time of year with Easter round the corner but they also make for beautiful gifts anytime of the year, Jenny makes the eggs in her gorgeous, cosy home here in Wareham, you'll often see her in the yard popping in to help, she shares a bay with Mary and Eddie upstairs and the yard would not be what it is without the three of them!

1 comment:

  1. This is really difference!
    Magic eggs,
    Completely artistic work!


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